Explore the world of honey

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Greece with Mastercard®. Discover the intricate world of honey production during your 2024 holidays at our family-owned retail store, nestled in the heart of Pera Gialos. Through our commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and local production, we offer an immersive journey into the captivating process of honey production and Astypalaia's rich beekeeping tradition. 

Learn about the captivating journey of honey production, from mountain harvesting to meticulous packaging. Taste the authenticity of our locally sourced honey and artisanal creations. Discover the vital role of bees in our ecosystem while supporting sustainable beekeeping practices. Receive a curated gift bag as a token of appreciation and uncover the magic of honey production in Astypalaia during your travel to Greece.

Nature's Nectar

Delve into the enchanting world of honey at our family-owned retail store in Pera Gialos, where you're invited to embark on a fascinating journey through the captivating process of honey production. Prepare to be mesmerized as you watch a captivating video showcasing our apiaries and the intricate work of our bees. Learn about the art of harvesting honey in the mountains, followed by its meticulous processing in our laboratory, and the careful packaging of our exquisite honey.

Experience the authenticity of our honey harvesting process by witnessing an original, non-processed honeycomb frame directly from our island's mountainside beehives. Awaken your senses as you sample our array of products, including our renowned thyme honey, honeycomb, and traditional pasteli bites. Each offering is crafted with love and dedication, providing a delightful taste of our artisanal creations.

As a token of appreciation for joining us on this immersive journey, receive a curated gift bag, complete with a jar of honey, a box of honeycomb, and a jar of beeswax. Presented in a canvas bag, our eco-friendly packaging reflects our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of our planet. Discover the rich beekeeping tradition of Astypalaia and uncover the magic of honey production at our retail store. Book your honey adventure today and let your senses soar with the sweet taste of nature's bounty.

The highlights

  • Exclusively offered to Mastercard® cardholders
  • Taste samples of our  best selling products
  • Receive a curated gift bag featuring half a kilo of honey, a 300g box of honeycomb, and a jar of beeswax

The location

Astypalaia, nestled in the serene Aegean Sea, is set to become a symbol of sustainability and innovation. Through a visionary partnership, the island is embarking on a transformative journey towards becoming the Mediterranean's foremost model of eco-friendly living. With a commitment to renewable energy and green technologies, Astypalaia aims to achieve energy autonomy while preserving its natural beauty. This ambitious endeavor reflects a broader commitment to sustainable development, aligning with Greece's dedication to environmental preservation and forward-thinking initiatives.

The details

  • Included: Gift bag for adults includes half a kilo of honey, a 300g box of honeycomb, and a jar of beeswax.
  • Not included: Transportation to the meeting point, gratuities, personal expenses / shopping, drinks/beverages not listed above
  • No minimum age requirement.
  • No fee for children’s participation but a gift bag is not included.
  • Meeting/Ending point: To Meli Tis Petaloudas, Pera Gyalos, 85900, Astypalaia.
  • Available languages: English, Greek.

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