About us

The Sustainability initiative is a collaboration between the Greek National Tourism Organization and Mastercard®, presenting a highly curated selection of 10 sustainable travel experiences across Greece.

Discover Sustainable Greece for your 2024 holidays through our platform, where your Mastercard® can unlock eco-friendly engaging activities that directly benefit local communities and contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage.

Join us in endorsing sustainable tourism by signing the tourism pledge and becoming a part of this transformative movement.

Tourism Pledge

This pledge reflects your commitment to furthering Greece’s tourism objectives for a sustainable future. It entails commitments in the following key areas: 

  • Lowering carbon emissions by embracing sustainable transportation alternatives.
  • Cutting down on personal waste. 
  • Supporting local businesses through the purchase of locally made goods and participation in cultural activities that benefit local communities. 

Sign the pledge and encourage others to support sustainable tourism in Greece.

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