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The Sustainability initiative represents an innovative collaboration between Mastercard® and the Greek National Tourism Organization, offering sustainable experiences across Greece.

Greece as a Sustainable Destination
Greece is committed to embarking on a journey toward sustainable development, aiming to integrate new technologies and adopt best practices. From the enchanting island of Tilos, which leads the charge toward energy independence through solar and wind power, to the city of Trikala seamlessly integrating smart technology for enhanced accessibility and environmental monitoring, the Sustainable Greece platform hosts a variety of experiences from across the country. These experiences demonstrate how Greece is embracing the challenges of the future through a sustainable transformation of its tourism sector.

Discover eco-friendly activities that support local communities and the environment on the VisitGreece website. By utilizing your Mastercard®, you can make a conscious choice to contribute to sustainable tourism.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Greece like never before with our exclusive 2024 holiday experiences, designed to offer the perfect blend of travel, relaxation, and sustainability.

Sign the tourism pledge to support sustainable tourism in Greece and be part of the movement.

About GNTO

The Greek National Tourism Organization’s primary goal is to solidify Greece's position as an attractive, modern, and evolving destination with numerous islands, extensive coastline, and remarkable terrestrial diversity. By building experiences around people, GNTO is building a new narrative for Greek tourism.

About Mastercard®
At Mastercard, we are dedicated to transforming the tourism sector into a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive industry. We understand the crucial role tourism plays in the well-being of countries and communities. By leveraging our global network, trusted partners, and advanced technology, we can make a significant impact.

Introducing the collaboration between Mastercard and the Greek National Tourism Organization, the initiative symbolizes an innovative partnership offering sustainable experiences across Greece, with the following core objectives:

  • Promoting Greek Tourism: Implementing co-advertising actions to elevate Greece as a premier travel destination for your next vacation.
  • Upgrading the Visit Greece App: Enhancing the Visit Greece app, the official app by the Ministry of Tourism that promotes Greece, to become an essential reference for visitors, enriching their travel experience.
  • Leveraging Mastercard’s Data Insights: Utilizing exclusive, anonymized travel data from the Tourism Insights platform to make more impactful decisions.
  • Advancing Innovation and Sustainability: Through the Mastercard Tourism Innovation Hub, we aim to promote cutting-edge solutions and sustainable practices in the tourism sector, thereby positioning Greece prominently on the map of sustainable travel.

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